Many adults, like my parents, are totally unaware of the social media world. I don’t blame them. In today’s rapidly changing technological world, it’s hard to keep up with the new apps coming out and all the social media platforms that already exist. The importance of social media is becoming more and more known by businesses. It even caught the attention of Forbes Magazine in an article published titled, “The Top 10 Benefits to Social Media Marketing,” by Jayson DeMur. Having a high social media presence, he says, is beneficial and will make you successful. Not only do you get more foot traffic online, you are able to receive instant feedback from your customers/clients. Even the small, family-owned restaurant I work at relies heavily on Yelp by constantly checking the customers’ reviews and ratings. DeMur also notes, “Perhaps the most significant is [social media’s] humanization element.” This means that when customers or clients want to voice their opinions over a social media platform, they feel like they’re talking to a person instead of some giant corporation or company. Everyone likes to be heard, after all. While using social media can benefit your business, it’s also a place that can be easily abused. Parents or older people sometimes believe in the stigma of social media, like that social media is ruining our generation and making us self-centered and narcissistic. For those people who believe that: there are ways to avoid the selfie-taking, obnoxious food-posting, kind of people on the internet. Just don’t follow them. I choose to believe that it’s a wonderful thing that we are so lucky to have today. It keeps people connected and helps businesses succeed, which helps communities grow. In my opinion, it does more good than harm.  Getting on the internet and learning the ways of social media platforms liked Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. is necessary in this day and age.