Written by John Patterson

Online it is pretty easy to get music these days through various web players, with Spotify probably being the most popular of them all. Right now Spotify offers users opportunities to listen to music on their service for free but with restrictions. To avoid these restrictions, such as advertising and being able to skip songs you don’t want to listen to, you must pay a monthly fee. However, even when paying for the so-called premium account, users still do not have accessdownload of the entire most popular artist.

Brian Fagiloi of Betanews (2015) stated, artist such Taylor Swift and Rod Stewart have put a stop to hosting their music on web players like Spotify in order to receive more comprehensions for streaming their music. As if these artist aren’t paid enough, Swift even went as far as pulling her new album “1989” on Apple’s new streaming service so new users will not be able to access during their free 30 day trial. Which drives the question, does Taylor Swift care about her fans or only about her fans that pay? Not everyone can afford the monthly fee of gaining access to a broader reach of music and people want to hear her music and it is sad to see some artist’s greedier side. But not all artists are about the money.

An article on Thissongissick.com stated that the artist known as Pretty Lights has started to release his music to fans for them to share with their friends and others. Pretty Lights earlier this year release 10 songs for free to his fans because he believes that fan sharing is the best way to get your music heard by others. The article states that Pretty Lights directly uploaded his songs from his hard drive on his laptop to a fans laptop in order for her to start sharing.


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