Let’s talk about Donald Trump. Politicians have been taking to the Twittersphere to put themselves out there and get recognition. Barack Obama was the first president to have a high social media presence and he’s served two terms. The proof is in the pudding. My last blog post was all about how important it is to have a high social media presence to better market yourself or your business, and politicians are no exception. Politicians are also able to receive immediate feedback during campaigning and it helps with fundraising as well. President Obama tweeted every day for a week before the New Year (2015) of all the things the White House accomplished that year. It’s a good way for the general public to get updated on what their favorite politicians are doing. It also gives politicians chances to interact with a lot more voters online, making those voters feel like they’re voting for an actual person, not just a political robot. Donald Trump, however, is using Twitter in different way. This 2016 presidential candidate has been going on Twitter rants, essentially treating this social media platform as a diary to vent about various things/people he doesn’t like. These rants appear on his 3.28 million followers, which can get retweeted and can be seen by millions. These very public tweets are, for lack of a better term, just plain crazy. His most recent tweets have been about Arizona Senator and decorated veteran John McCain. To quote Trump, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” Trump followed up with several tweets essentially bashing the Senator and firmly stating he has no plans to apologize. His Twitter followers have drastically increased since becoming more social media active. Twitter gives him recognition and, depending on how you look at it, infamy as well. Are these crazy tweets a publicity stunt to get him in the news, or is he really that dumb? I believe it’s the latter, but maybe we’ll never know.