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Blog Entry 6 – Obi Okezie

Russian sailor drank half litre of rum before running aground at full speed leaking 25 tonnes of marine oil gas

So a Russian officer was on watch when a 423 ft cargo ship ran through Scotland! Yes, he was drunk. The chief officer on watch was 36 years old. He consumed half a litre of rum before attending his shift on the ship. Ship ended up in a rock foreshore where it remained for a couple of days. The vessel was damaged to bad that it had to be scrapped. The Russian officer was 8x over the legal intoxication limit. Of course the DFDS came in and released the officer from his employment. I guess he’s going need a place to stay.






California outlaws recreational and commercial bobcat trapping

A century old industry has now ended. Bobcat trapping is no longer allowed in the state of California. This started when Tom O’Key stumbled along a bobcat trap. He alerted neighbors and the local sheriff department which caused angry tides of protest and concerns. They used bobcat’s skins to supply fur markets globally. The protest resulted in the safety of bobcats. The rule states, any bobcats that are trapped by a person, is ordered to release it unharmed. I think it’s safe to say the bobcats in California won’t be having any problems anymore.





Endangered white rhino dies at the zoo

In San Diego Zoo Safari Park, a popular rhino at the park died. The 41 year old rhino (in rhino years) was diagnosed with a form of arthritis. The rhino was also treated on her hip previously. Zoo officials stated that the rhino was energetic early on Sunday when the condition decreased. This rhino’s death only leaves 3 white northern rhinos is the world! All 3 rhinos are protected and guarded in Kenya. Just in case rhino thieves decide to break it and kidnap it of course..





Paris attack and other assaults show ISIS evolution

The recent attacks that occurred in Paris and Beirut and the destruction of a Russian plane are only the “first” results in the terrorism of ISIS. The Islamic State’s are able to train, gather funding, and intelligence to increase their power and arms. Since they’re not centered on one location, they are able to operate in different parts of the world. Investigators are still studying on how the terrorists communicated during the Paris attacks. They predicted that it may had to involve some gaming device but they’re not 100% sure. Adnani is one of the leaders in ISIS. He made a statement last year saying that he want other Muslims to kill non-believers in their countries. He is on the U.S most wanted listed with a 5 million dollar bounty on his head.






Arrests in Brussels raid but Paris suspect still on run

Belgian police arrested 16 people who were involved with the Paris attacks but their main target Salah Abdeslam seemed to get away. The prime minister shut down schools and the metros in order to find Abdeslam. The whole city is under security alert three, which means every source is creditable. The U.S responded by president Obama saying that “we’re not afraid.” He even planned to go visit France in December to speak about the matter. Police are continuing to sweep the city for any traces of ISIS or any information concerning them or the Paris attacks.






Sure seems Kelly won’t be in Philadelphia next year

Chip Kelly is a NFL head coach for the Philadelphia Eagle. Before the NFL, he was the head coach for the Oregon Ducks who consistently did well every year with their fast pace offense. Because of the losing record and disappointment results the Eagles are having this year, it’s likely he may be fired at the end of the season. Other colleges are highly trying to get him to take the head coaching position for their teams. Even as tried UNT!






Report: Payton Manning plans to play in 2016, even not for the broncos

Payton Manning is arguably one of the best quarter backs in the NFL. Some teams and critics are still wondering if he’s able to produce at the age he’s at. At age 39, it’s hard for teams to trust an aging quarterback. Payton stated that he’s not retiring at the end of the season, and he still is going to play even if the Broncos don’t want to give him a chance. He’s probably because of the amount of injuries he’s been getting this season. His body isn’t able to handle the sport like it use too. His base salary with the broncos is 19 million dollars. Is there a team out there that would like to gamble on such a risk?