Several video games nowadays aren’t including a campaign, instead they are mostly focusing on the online multiplayer component. Since online gameplay has gained a significant amount of popularity, I can see why companies would do that. However, not everybody plays video games just for online multiplayer. Some consumers dislike relying on the internet to play video games. Also, most modern video games rely on extra content to profit even more. Sometimes these additional features are almost as expensive as the game itself. The new Star Wars Battlefront game is guilty of using both trends.

This new multiplayer driven game has received negative criticism, mostly for being an incomplete game. Titanfall and the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege are games that also don’t have a traditional campaign mode; however, it wasn’t expected to find out that Battlefront would do the same. Just the fact that it’s a Star Wars action game should have been reason enough to include a story mode. Even Battlefront 2 released in the PS2 about 10 years ago had a campaign.

The campaign mode isn’t the only thing that makes the PS2 version better; in other aspects, Battlefront 2 had more content. Compared to the new Battlefront that has 12 maps, the PS2 version had a total of 33. Also, the new Battlefront has a lot less playable vehicles compared to its older counterpart. These are just a few of the reasons of why Battlefront 2 is more complete.

It could be argued that the season pass would provide the gamer community the complete Battlefront experience, but at what cost? The standard edition is currently $60, and the season pass is just $10 less, which includes more content for the game, such a more maps and weapons. Seeing how a much older game provides the consumers with much more content shows how the creators of this new game seek every opportunity they can to unfairly profit even further.