Pit bulls are probably the most controversial dog to own, because of fear of being aggressive. Is not rare to do a quick search on the internet about pit bull attacks and find many articles and videos about the incidents. Based on these stories, many people see these dogs as dangerous. However, others argue that aggressiveness is not always in the dog’s nature. Actually, many components contribute to the dog’s behavior.

If the dog is raised with love and given a lot of attention, it can be a great pet. There have been cases that even after being victims of dog fighting, these animals are rehabilitated. However, this breed was originally created for animal combat. Although, they not aggressive towards humans by nature, dog aggression is in their genes. This may be considered a con, but it is not impossible for a pit bull to socialize with other dogs. If raised together, they may be able to live with other canines.

In many cases news outlets are not entirely accurate when it comes to reporting a dog attack. The true American Pit Bull Terrier resembles other dogs, like American Bulldogs or American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but people automatically assume that they are pit bulls because of their appearance. So, many times the term pit bull actually refers to a group of dogs. This results in putting the blame of many dog attacks into one breed, which is unfair.

Some individuals actually like the stigma that pit bulls carry. They make their dogs aggressive to add to their intimidation factor, even if they were born with a balanced temper. Other times, owners do not give the proper attention that the dog needs. They may not provide the dog with the proper human socialization, which could lead to aggression.

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