Two relatively new consoles came out a few years ago, and they have been battling it out for the top spot ever since they were released. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 1 have made changes since they were first launched. The PlayStation 3 proved to be the superior system against the Xbox 360 in the past generation. Will it be different in this new gaming era, or will history repeat itself?

When it comes to exclusives, the Xbox 1 appears to have the upper hand. Online multiplayer is a big thing nowadays in gaming. Both systems have notable shooting multiplayer titles, like Call of Duty: Blackops 3 and Battlefield 4. However, Killzone: Shadowfall is what sets the PS4 apart, but Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox 1 is a sharper shooter over all. PS4 has Grand Turismo 6, which offers a wide variety of vehicles to race, but when it comes to racing games the Xbox 1 exclusive, Forza Motorsports 6, appears to be the better game, as it was received with higher scores in gaming critics.

However, game exclusives don’t appear to be the determining factor for popularity. Even before the two consoles were released, the PS4 has always been the most popular, and with good reason. Something that did not make the gaming community happy was the fact that Xbox 1 was planning on selling its games in a way that they will only remain in the system’s hard drive. This means that people would not be able to sell their games or loan them to friends. At the end, the company noticed that this decision would have a negative response on sales, so it retracted on the idea.

Xbox 1 has made a number of other changes for the better, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to beat its rival on sales. Both consoles had $300 bundles on Black Friday, but the Xbox 1 had more attractive deals on certain retailers and online. At the end, the PS4 still managed to get its hand raised during the biggest shopping day of the year. This new gaming generation still has a long life ahead, but so far the PS4 appears to be the most successful.