Ads are now a huge aspect of social media. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you cannot escape the ads. Why is this? Well simply put; money. Advertising companies make a killing from advertising on social media platforms with the most traffic. For instance, Twitter now allows for tweets to be “promoted” by companies. Those “promoted” tweets will show up on your timeline even if you do not follow the company or brand. The user is still able to close out the ad on their timeline, however, the advertiser still got their point across. You still saw their ad, regardless of it sparked your interest or not, and you still continue seeing the same ad among your timeline every so often.

On Facebook, ads are tailored for you based on what you search. For instance if you love sports and are constantly searching sports facts, or player information, you will notice that a lot of the ads will be for sports items. You may see an ad for Dick’s Sporting Goods,  or an ad for websites to purchase sports memorabilia such as hats, shirts or jerseys. Ads on Facebook are everywhere. Ranging from in your newsfeed, to even on the “dead space” on your screen, there seems to be no escaping ads on Facebook.

Ads have even made their way to Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music. If you choose to use the free service of any of the three platforms, you are only able to skip a certain number of songs per hour, as well as the fact that there will be one or two ads that play after every fourth or fifth songs on the specific playlist. The ads on those social media platforms range anywhere from a seasonal ad that will play, to entertainment ads for movies that have just been released. However, if you think that by paying for the premium services that the ads will disappear, think again. While ads may not be as prominent, they will always be a part of the social media platforms.