With social media playing a huge part in one’s daily living, it is very easy to become lost in a device. Everyone seems to always have their mobile device out, with their faces intently focused on the tiny screen. People are walking down the streets, narrowly avoiding a collision with signs and other people. It is crazy to see how easy it is to access information from social media and our mobile devices. Simply using a hashtag can redirect oneself to hundreds, if not thousands of similar content.

Social Media hasn’t only changed the way society obtains a great deal of information, but also the way we communicate with others. Social skills, such as person-to-person communication, has decreased recently due to the fact that we can just text someone, or even tweet them, regardless of if that person is right next to you. Texting has taken its toll on grammatical skills thanks to the short hands;”u”, “ur”, and “thx.” To me it’s a pet peeve when I see those in a text. How much time are you actually saving yourself by choosing not  to spell out “you”, “your”, or “thanks”?

However there are also many beneficial parts about social media consuming our everyday world. For instance, it is now so easy to know about world events as they are actually happening thanks to Twitter, as well as Periscope, which is a medium that allows one to broadcast a live stream straight from their mobile device. People now do not want to wait for the nightly news or a newspaper (what is a newspaper?) to inform them about breaking news. Why would you? You are able to be informed as breaking news happens and it has made us as a society more impatient. Throughout the advantages and disadvantages, social media has changed the way we live all together. From the way we get information, to how we keep relationships with people, there is no arguing that our day revolves around social media in one way or another.