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Social Media has become a requirement now for public organizations. The platform has been growing and integrated in people’s lives rapidly since its beginnings with MySpace, Facebook, etc. Public relations firms are becoming more involved in using this networking tool to help shaped perspective to the organization they are associated with. Networking with colleagues, business partners, and the general public are keys that PR firms have put an advanced focus on to help them stay up to date with the changing times in our innovated technological culture.  In particular, sports firms and organizations are taking advantage of social media and using it to help promote and advertise their team or franchise. PR social media tactics such as ticket giveaways, fan nights, and merchandise discounts gives their fans the ultimate experience that they can share with everyone else. Fans can post pictures,videos, or comments about their experience by using social media and organizations use this to help receive positive publicity within their team’s franchise. Social media can also help sport teams build up a following with their fans and be able to connect with people who can be used as a funnel to the rest of the world. Liking, sharing, and retweeting posts can help organizations go from 2millions followers to 9 million followers within a month or two. When organizations have a large following associated with their pr agenda, it is easier to spread your message, marketing scheme or product online and throughout. Social media is a very fast-paced, never stagnant format. Organizations should update and check their sites regularly and daily so they can stay fresh and engaged. To effectively and consistently gain support through its followers and potential followers organizations need to understand how to best reach their intended demographic, create the message they are trying to share, and interact with the people.

Social Media PR Tactics Every PR Firm Must Use

Social Media PR Tactics Every PR Firm Must Use

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