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JOUR 4270 Section 002 – Ashlyn LeVesque – 9/11/16 – Group A: Blog One


Let me ask you to do something almost unimaginable. Let me ask you to clear your mind of a political stance. Let me ask you to disregard social media claims, figurehead-based opinion, and ridiculous arguments from your wacko Uncle Nester about how Donald Trump resembles the almighty God and why.

Crazy, right? When you reflect upon politics without social media influence you might be asking yourself, “Was that seriously an organic thought?” “Is it possible that opinion was formed simply from my own viewpoints and morals?” Truthfully, if you’re not asking yourself questions such as this after considering the possibility of not having a stance on politics, I am so deeply sorry. I pray that one day you can think for yourself. I hope that organic thought not only hits you at random (as it inevitably will) but that you realize when it slaps you in the face.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is positively influential in so many ways today, arguably even sparking the interest of those who would not have a political opinion otherwise. Yet I would like to argue that social media not only aids in making blatant decisions for those that read such content, but possibly puts ideas in the heads of voters causing them to view the candidates in general as incompetent. This ultimately causes Americans—especially American youth—to not vote.

I don’t intend to disregard social media. Allow the viewpoints of others to challenge your thoughts. All I argue is that everyone has thoughts of their own. Educate yourself. Know what you are talking about. Back up your arguments. Go to websites such as vote-tx.org to learn about the stance of our presidential candidates in their own words. Better yet, go to isidewith.com, a website that allows you to first take a quiz about your stance on various political issues before pairing you with a political candidate that suites your stance. Not only will this get you further in a conversation, but you will have more to say, and possibly even have more fun. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from arguing a thought or stance that you created yourself. Try it my millennial brothers and sisters, I dare you.