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Welcome to my Blog! For today I want to focus on social media and the MASSIVE amount of time people waste on it. Studies show that people check their social media sites at least once per waking hour, or at least 17 times a day… just to check the latest snip bits of biased “news” that leaves them even more uneducated about the topic then they were before they saw a post about it. Because every thing we see in our news feed just has to be true!  In other news…. Teens spend at least 9 hours a day on social media sites…. PLAY OUTSIDE! If anything that number is an understatement. For example, have you seen how “girly” teenage boys are nowadays?? Well let me tell you my experience I had today at work. So I work for a car shop called Kwik Kar in Flower Mound as their State Inspector… My boss thought it would be a wonderful idea to invite the young youth group from the church across the road to show them what we do at our shop and hope that we can teach them something important like changing a flat tire. In all honesty it was just a PR stunt to interact with our community! :D. So it was just a bit past 12 and we saw them being dropped off by their parents and one by one they walked to our shop while one their phones with their hair slicked back with ridiculous amounts of gel, in their way too short kaki shorts, shirts and long white shocks and boat shoes… pretty much frats in training at ages 10-14. I just hope they were able to learn something the few times they looked up from their phones to listen to what we tried to teach them. Social media has absolutely done many amazing things for everyone but unfortunately it has taken so much of our time and turned our young men into little girls.