First things first: Marketing a business without social media is impossible.  Although social media started out as a way for people to connect with other individuals, now it has evolved into something bigger. In 2015, 179.7 million people including children under the age of 18 were on at least one social network. It has provided a way to expand our universe with just the device in our hand.

The ability to reach more people with one post on the right platform can allow your business to grow. Between Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Periscope, YouTube and Pinterest it can be hard to decide which platform is right for your business. Some might think that creating content for each one would be in their best interest to reach more people. But, the trick is finding out where your audience is and tailor your content to fit them. It might not be beneficial for your business to have a Snapchat, because there’s not a lot of day to day action going on, but maybe one  special day you could promote on snapchat. Snapchat geofilters have been very beneficial for businesses.  When choosing what and where to post, it is definitely about quality and not quantity.

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This article on ADWEEK breaks down according to age who is on which social network platform. Deciding what age and what stage in life of people you’re trying to target will play a huge part in deciding which channels will work best for your business. It’s safe to say that ignoring Facebook will never work in your favor. To date, it has the most users with the widest age range. Content there is shared more frequently. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter appeal more to millennials.  If you’re trying to stay closer to the older generations, Pinterest might be right for you.  Just remember, don’t force content. What you’re trying to post might not work with the way that Pinterest or Instagram is set up.

At the end of the day it’s all about what fits your brand and what will appeal to your audiences. The shares and engagement that is received from your posts will speak for themselves if the right platform is used.