Written by Holland Turner

So let’s be real… Online dating is weird. It should come as no surprise to anyone that in a world where you can order groceries and spy on your dog through a webcam with just a swipe on an iPhone, that the way we interact with each other romantically would transition to digital. “Technology makes a lot of things possible that are detrimental to society. One of them is Tinder and other hook up apps. These days, you can swipe for love. These days, you can swipe for sex. And people are doing it. There’s a problem, though. Swiping isn’t romantic. Swiping is clinical. Swiping is sordid” (Mitra, 2016). In today’s online dating market, different platforms are typically divided into two categories. The first is for paid subscribers, such as Match, EHarmony, Farmers Only, J Date, Black People Meet, and the list goes on and on. These platforms typically attract serious singles looking for a genuine connection. The second category is for unpaid subscribers and primarily includes popular apps like Tinder and Bumble. These apps are popular among millennials hoping to achieve the same instant gratification that they are used to in every other area of their lives. Gone are the days of casually meeting for dinner without any preconceived notions of the other person and what they are looking for in a relationship (no shorter than six feet tall, owns an Italian sports car, a trust fund in a Swiss bank account) because it’s already spelled out in their bio below a picture of them with their dog to make them seem more down-to-earth. You’re also in luck if you boast a desirable profession. “Tinder announced Feb. 24 which jobs get the most right swipes from others. Among men, pilots receive the most right swipes, followed by founders or entrepreneurs, then firefighters. Among women, physical therapists are most popular, with interior designers coming in second place and entrepreneurs in third” (Luckerson, 2016). Online dating at the snap of a finger does bring fourth the concern that we are losing our courage to approach potential suitors organically without the shield of a “Hey ;)” message. One thing remains the same with real-life and online dating: in order to attain what you’re looking for, you must be completely transparent. It is imperative to present yourself as closely as possible to your true personality… or as much as a paragraph and five photos will allow.

Personal Disclaimer: I met my boyfriend of two years on Tinder and a wedding is in our near future. It can happen, folks. Transparency is key.


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