The Dallas cowboys are always known to have a reliable quarterback since they drafted Tony Romo. Romo has been the quarterback since 2006, and for years he’s been the savior. He has been making game winning drives, breaking team records, and being an all pro quarterback. Now, he’s been having multiple injuries ranging from back pain, broken collar bones, and herniated disk in the back. The one we call superman is deteriorating; he is now 36 years old, and it looks like his career window is about to close. For years Cowboys wanted a good back up quarterback and now they got it in their forth round 135th pick, Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott was the former star at Mississppi  state Bull Dogs. There were questions about his ball throwing, and his foot work. When Dallas drafted him he was suppose to be the third string quarterback, but when Romo went down again with back injury and Kellen Moore went down with a foot injury, Prescott became the quarterback. Now Dak Prescott got shot into the spotlight when he was named the starting quarterback after a great preseason. With the season coming up the cowboys need a veteran quarterback to guide a rookie, Dak Prescott. They went out and signed Mark Sanchez. He’s a veteran quarterback that has been around for awhile and can show Dak his experiences on being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

In week 1, Cowboys had the Giants, a fierce divisional game rivalry. Their record with the Giants in week 1 was 7-0 with Tony Romo as their quarterback. At the beginning of the game, Dak was playing beautifully; in his first drive he got into the red zone but couldn’t convert it to a touchdown so they settled for a field goal. Through out the whole game both teams were trading leads. The game was close at the 4th quarter and Dak had the ball on the final drive and the score at that time was 20-19 Giants. They have to get at least to the 56 yard line for them to kick a field goal and win the game. Dak made couple of throws and got to the 66 yard line. The Giants made it tough to where he had to covert a 3 down and 13 yards to a first down. He threw the ball too Cole Beasley and converted it to a 1st down. It was 12 seconds on the clock, Dak snapped the ball and threw to Terrence Williams towards the side line and caught the ball and ran inside when he should have ran out of bounds. So the time ran out and the game was over. In the first game, Dak showed potential and was poised. He threw for 277 yards, no picks, and no touchdowns. The cowboys  feel confident in him going into week 2 against the Redskins.