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Let’s face it, there are more social media platforms than we can keep track of and, more importantly, utilize. Rather than trying to spend hours, days, weeks on updating every platform we think could benefit your workplace, or even your own social media presence, it’s best to find and take the time to use the ones that are sure to boost your online image.

Creating a strong social media presence can be time consuming, challenging, and quite often, shows results fairly slowly. According to an article on 60 Second Marketer, they recommend marketers being familiar with over 50 social media platforms. Sure, it’s extremely important to explore these different medias to find which one will work best for you, but personally, I don’t have enough time in the day to even tweet once sometimes let alone update 50 different websites.

So how do we decide which platforms we should spend the majority of our time on to ensure we can get something out of it? Know what you are trying to promote. Know if your target audience is on this platform. And most importantly, know what you want out of it. I currently work for an insurance company, and for two months I was tweeting about our different insurance policies we sell. It hit me, “what 65 year old is on twitter searching for tweets about medicare.” I knew what I was trying to promote, and clearly I knew what I wanted out of it (sales and promotion), but my target audience sure as heck wasn’t scrolling down their newsfeed wondering if they need supplement A, B, C, or D. It’s very important to know why you are using a platform, because quite honestly, you could be spending your time elsewhere on something that could be benefitting you.

To be clear, I am not bashing on anyone that uses over 50 social media platforms. Hey, good for you. I wish I had the energy, and storage in my phone, to spend that much time on apps. What I am saying is, some platforms could work better for you than others, and truly there are many, many other aspects to marketing than just social media. Go to a network meeting, they’re absolutely everywhere at various times and days throughout the week. Go to a job fair. Being a student at the University of North Texas, I know for a fact that there are opportunities throughout the semester to go and explore your options and network. Send a handwritten thank you note instead of emailing someone. And if those weren’t enough, here are a few more. Building your image or your company is so important, especially when your goal is to grow. It doesn’t hurt to try different platforms, you’ll find that some are the best thing since sliced bread and some that aren’t worth your time, but always narrow down and focus on the ones that you can dedicate enough time to see results. You will see results, even if it takes a little while, if you take the time to think about what marketing suits you best.