Last week, Google launched a new adverting tool called “Shop the Look” for home décor and apparel to change up the online shopping experience. This is a brand new idea to both retailers and shoppers. This function provides shoppers an easy and convenient way to shop. Shoppers can directly make purchase based on the search results. In the past, if customers want to purchase a black dress, they usually search online and Google will provide them thousands of products. It is hard for customers to make a decision from thousands of similar products. Therefore, “Shop the Look” helps the customers to simplify the shopping process. It provides customers more tangible pictures instead of the “boring” products’ images. When customers enter the “black dress”, the top banner will show them pictures of famous fashion bloggers that wear a black dress with different accessories. Customers will see products listed below the pictures with featured brands, so they can click through and explore more about the entire outfit. For now, this function is still in the testing stage in U.S.

According to the research data, 90% of the customers do not know which brand they want to shop, and about 45% of them use images to shop. With Shop the Look, customers do not need to spend several hours comparing with different brands and matching the accessories from different website. They can go through all the fashion bloggers’ pictures and choose the one they look. Since this advertising tool is still in the testing stage, customers cannot upload the dress picture they like and let Google “recognize” it. However, they can enter the key words of the outfit, and Google will show them the search results with different fashion bloggers’ outfit.

Retailers can use “Shop the Look” to provide shoppers a seamless shopping experience from in store to online. Shop the Look provide them an opportunity to collaborate with the website, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and, and promote their brands. They can also collaborate with famous bloggers to increase the brand recognition.



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