stephen-colbert-steph-curry-shoes_ctx2gfBy: Joseph Osula

According to Bloomberg the sport industry revenue is expected to be worth 67.7 Billion by next year 2017. which means there is a lot of money to be made by sport brands in each different sport. this is why companies like Nike, Adidas and Under Amour are pouring millions of dollars into athletes and social media to sell their product. NBA Super star and Champion Stephen Curry is a perfect example of how social media could impact the world of sport brand. Steph Curry is signed to Under Amour and releases a different pairs of maddash_chefcurryshoes_160614_1280x720_705358403614sneakers every year. On September 9th the Curry Two Chefs shoes were released then twitter world and social media exploded and decided to have some fun and poke fun at the new pair of these shoes because it looked like they were meant for old people like your granddad and not young NBA superstars.video_image-381379Therefore the

The Curry Two Chef sneakers have already become an Internet meme

Internet had a lot fun roasting the new Curry Two Chefs. It got so bad that late night television, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel decided to make jokes about the shoes on their shows; this was due to the fact it had generated so much controversy and attention on social media. As a  matter of fact even Stephen Curry chimed in on the jokes himself with a great sense of humor,   The Internet’s roast of Stephen Curry’s new shoes is relentless

writing and drawing “straight fire” on his shoes during the NBA finals pregame routine. However we later found out that Under Amour recently let go of the designer who normally designed Stephen curry’s shoe’s that this shoes were not designed by him. Therefore because of all the joke that were made of these shoes according to Under Amour said that “it had rehired Dombrow from Nike. He’ll restart on August 1 in a new position, chief design officer”. I really believe this is a great example of how the impact of social media changed back the direction of a multi-billion dollar sport brand.