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There are arguments about the pros and cons of using social media, but have you ever considered that it is just making people flat out dumb? Most agree that excessive useage of social media inhibits social skills, but is it possible that we are becoming anti-social AND stupid? A study was done by the Journal of the Royal Society Interface where scientists created five different social media networks using volunteers. Some of the groups were very tightly knit and very well connected with each other. The others were more distant. They had the participants answer brainteasers and they found that the groups that were well connected on social media got more answers correct. However, they were not getting them correct because they were smarter… They answered them correctly because they would steal answers from others in the network. The study showed that social media allowed for people to steal answers rather than use independent thought and reasoning skills. It was much easier to just be given the answer, as opposed to using your own brain to figure it out. It’s interesting that the people did get more answers right, but they were not found to be any smarter at all. The study can be found here- http://time.com/9207/social-media-is-making-you-stupid/

Another article found at http://www.brandanew.co/is-social-media-making-us-stupid/ gives some more insight on what was mentioned in the study. People don’t use their full thought capacity and become addicted to the easiness of social media. It is definitely interesting to think about the benefits and negatives of social media. When I think about it from my own perspective, I can definitely see how the study is accurate. It is so easy to just search for something super quickly and then be done. It requires little to no thought to get answers to practically any problem that we have nowadays.