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Justice Roy

Group B


In today’s day and age Greek life is constantly held under an extremely close microscope and sadly for all the wrong reasons. With Thousands of Greek organizations existing across the country most of what they do goes unsaid. All the things ranging from hours of community service to over Millions of dollars collectively raised. And sadly the major thing that is outlined in the national news is the very slight instances of hazing or unfavorable behavior. These select few create not only a stereotype but misrepresentation for those who are coming to university and choose not to even look into Greek life because of what they have seen on tv or what their parents have seen. And similarly those who see the crazy elaborate project X parties have an expectation that if fraternities don’t have those things that they aren’t worth joining. It is our duty as the ones who decided to join this crazy world known as greek life to show people who and what we really are.   In a post by Society 9 “You must learn to communicate with those in your sorority or fraternity and work closely with others in an effort to accomplish a mutual goal. Other general skills include public speaking, planning, time management, leadership, and prioritizing your responsibilities.” <https://www.society19.com/15-reasons-why-you-should-go-greek/&gt; Its all about commitment and without commitment you will never want to take the next step. No matter whether you think you are a fraternity guy or a sorority girl there is a greek home out there for you. ” Every young man entering college feels that he has something to offer the world if he was just given the opportunity” <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLPgoZqftR8&gt; Im not saying that every kid in college needs to go and join a Fraternity but taking a little time to understand why this world wide phenomenon has grown and developed to what it has can help bring communities on college campuses together and make those who are greek not feel as though they should have to justify what and who they are.

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