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By: Kathryn Washington

Michael Kors has successfully implemented a new way of social commerce for U.S. residents only. The social shopping experience is through Instagram called #InstaKors. Michael Kors lovers will be able to shop on Instagram through the #InstaKors website link in their bio. The website will show all images on their Instagram through a feed with the #InstaKors hashtag. From there, customers will be able to purchase the product(s) on the picture they have chosen to view.

The company plans to use this social commerce as a customer loyalty program. It will give their Instagram shoppers different deals and discounts on various products. Also, their program will allow their Instagram followers to purchase exclusive goods before they arrive and are available to the public within Michael Kors retail stores worldwide.  For example, at the beginning of each fashion season, the company will post an exclusive picture of a new product with the #InstaKors hashtag weeks before it is actually available in brick-and-mortar stores.

Many companies are excited about the use of social commerce. The rise in the usage of social media and mobile devices allow companies to thrive and create more brand loyalty than ever before. According to a survey conducted by Time Trade, sixty-three percent of retailers plan to implement and invest in the use of social media commerce for marketing and advertisement in 2016.

As a lover for Michael Kors products and social media, I think this is a smart move for their company. There are so many opportunities for company and individual growth through the use of social media. Although Michael Kors is only using Instagram, I think the company could take a step further and use other social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, or Twitter, as well.

It is very interesting seeing the mixture of marketing and shopping with social media. Although there are apps and websites that already use this concept, I love how Michael Kors has given it their own unique twist to it.


MIchael Kors Invests in Social Commerce

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