myspaceBy: Diana Perez

It is crazy to think that over 10 years ago everyone was using the widely known MySpace. Since its creation in 2003 the site has 50.3 million monthly active users. I personally never had an account on the site, but I remember my brother always logging on. Curiosity kicked in and I began to ask him about the site. Apparently you had a friend list, similar to Facebook and you could also message people. What my brother liked the most was that he could change the theme on his page and have a different background. But of course, all good things must come to an end, and the page ran out of style. The talk about having a MySpace began to grow old and every one was searching for the next big thing. But the real question is, What was the next big thing?

Because at the time Facebook wasn’t really widely known. There could be various reasons for everyone deciding to stop using MySpace. I remember hearing people complain about how inappropriate everyone would be on there. The profile pictures became very revealing. Incidents like those are what really got people to stop logging on to their profile. In some cases, those pictures motivated certain people to continue logging on and maybe participating in the “fun”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that having an account on a social media platform isn’t fun. In fact, I have known of several people who make lifelong friendships with people they met online and some that have married after meeting online.

It’s just that the ones posting the revealing photographs put themselves at risk of being catfished by a molester. I’m sure that when Tom Anderson was creating MySpace he wasn’t planning on having to face with these issues, but it happens. And although Anderson sold the cite for 580 million, MySpace still continues to run today, and I’m actually considering opening an account, you know, just to feed in my curiosity.