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By: Bria Graves

In the recent years Social Media has taken over the world. With various companies, Universities, and even school districts joining social media the question arises, is this a good thing or bad thing?

In the sports world the players make up the team with the organizations behind them, but without the fans where would these teams be ? Fans in the 21st Century are now more plugged in with their favorite team and players than they have ever been. Like all big changes in a business there are pros and there are cons. Does this help sport teams and players as well as the fans, or does it hurt everybody?

A huge Pro for Social Media in sports is that fans get breaking news about their favorite team and players just by opening up their phones. No longer will you have to turn on a tv or a radio to hear breaking news. Fans don’t want to be left in the dark when it comes to a team they support, they want to know what’s happening just as fast as the players on the team. Sport organizations can either gain from social media, or if they don’t use it to their potential can lose from it. According to AdWeek  the Denver Broncos used Social Media to gain views during their 2015-2016 NFL Season game against the New England Patriots, “The last few minutes of the game were filled with big plays, with the Broncos ultimately taking down the Patriots with a touchdown in overtime. The Broncos marketing team capitalized on the excitement in real time, amplifying the buzz through hashtags like #BeatThePatriots and #BroncosCountry and generating more than 30 percent more Tweets and retweets than the Patriots”.


But the power of social media can negatively effect players in ways we don’t realize. Forbes reported that the way an athlete behaves on social media can influence fans perception of them, which in the long term can tarnish an athlete or team’s image.

Everyday Teams and Players are coming up with new ways to create a bigger fanbase on Social Media while fans are creating these pages to keep up with them, will the rise of Social Media continue to help sports or will it ruin sports forever?





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