To Troll or Not To Troll, that is the answer.

By: Nicolas Austin


troll Photo Courtesy of: New Media Rockstars

The trolls are taking over the world! Well, not really the world, but more like Internet world. Trolls, or how I like to call them, people who like “To Register Online Lies and Loathsome Sayings,” are a nuisance to the cyber world.  Technically you can substitute the last acronym, “sayings”, for a harsher word, such as a word that starts with an “s” and is the synonym for feces or excrement; but I’ll try to make this blog rated PG as possible. Key word, “try.”

So what makes a person troll the Internet? Better question is, what does it take to be a troll? Well, first off, I believe anyone who trolls must hate a certain concept or idea being address by others. They don’t believe in social norms, and find amusement in destroying other beliefs and opinions. For example, the class I am taking this fall semester at UNT (University of North Texas), is being trolled by some pompous impassive jerk, who is making the class difficult to learn. The class, Strategic Social Media, requires the students to understand how to become strategist within the usage of social media; but it’s hard to do it when somebody want to act a donkey, and keep on harassing the class.

Another attribute of being a troll is the notion to hide behind their computer anonymously, while continuing to post ignorant, and sometimes repulsive responses on the Internet. The computer is the bridge that trolls use in order to lurk and wait for a victim to pop up onto the computer screen. According to TIME magazine, the Internet world use to be the world of geeks, who would pass and share ideas and common beliefs to one another; but now are facing dark times from monsters or trolls, who give up their freedom of Internet connectivity in order to deprive others of their freedom to browse, search, and express their views across the Web.

Internet trolls are just like wild animals within nature. If you keep on feeding them, in this case attention, they will return hungrier and ready to cause more chaos on the accounts of social media users. TechCrunch sees trolls as supervillains who ironically wait for a signal in the sky in order to put a devilish grin and prey on victims on the Internet.

Honestly there is two ways to stop trolling. The first being the notion of providing attention to the trolls on the web. Stop giving trolls another reason to make trolling a professional career. Trolls are like leeches and viruses, because they need a host in order to keep themselves alive. So let’s begin by holding our peace and opinions against those that are too stubborn to leave us along. Second, if we know somebody that trolls, try to get them to stop. Now imagine yourself being troll, or being harassed by some moron who is fascinated with making your life a nightmare because you believe Star Wars is better than Star Trek, or because you think Beyonce had one the best music videos of all them. So basically stop feeding the trolls with attention, and instead let them fade to the black like the last episode of The Sopranos…


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