In this social media driven-world, it’s all about how cool and sexy you can make your selfies. So why have beards become the new “must have” item? Well, there’s plenty of different reasons why, here’s list of 23. Ok, this list has some pretty good ones, but my favorite is number 3, “Bearded men are more attractive.” This website has some good and just downright awesome reasons to have a beard. All that aside, I guess I’ll just give you reasons why I think beards make life worth enjoying.

How do I know this? I grew a gnarly beard for two years, it started off as a bet and then suddenly became a way of life. I think the reason why I loved it so much is because of all the attention I got. The bigger the beard grew, the more attention I got. Attention from everyone, guys, girls, moms, dads, strangers, and creepers. The weirdest part was when random strangers would try to touch or caught me off guard and actually copped a feel of the luxurious man nest. Alright, so attention, what else? Respect. That’s what.

To those who have never had a large beard, you’d think I was lying. But it’s the truth, thanks Huffington Post. But why would it be more beneficial for your Instagram account if you’re rocking the beard, you ask? I guess all the science and research that has been done on beards pretty much comes down to this. Men want to be you and women want to be with you. So all that research, I think, could really just be boiled down to two things; respect and attention. But the glory of a beard comes at a price, depending on the thickness and length of your mustache and beard, it could be a lot of upkeep and unwanted stares.

Have you ever asked a friend, “Do I have anything in my teeth?” Just imagine that, constantly, with food, dust, flying insects, small debris in the wind, blowing your nose, and stuff that may fall out of your nose (with you not knowing) and falling in-there-somewhere… Awkward, I know. A beard that is well maintained takes a bit more time in the shower, and getting ready. This means, you have to wake up a little bit earlier, just to make sure your beard is on point and not a disgusting hair ball stuck on your face. I think what made my beard so mighty and yet so annoying was the length of the mustache. I had to cut everything I ate into pieces, otherwise I’d have mustache hairs with my food and in my mouth.

But was it all worth it? Hell, yes. I think every guy should grow a beard for at least one year, without trimming, ok maybe one or two trims, but that’s it! FYI, it grew out just a bit more from there. Try it, you just might like it.img_4058

By: Eddie Pulido