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Advertising on websites have gone up dramatically in the past few years.How that tends to work is when a company advertises on another site they pay for that space. The amount, at times depends on how many impressions or views their own site receives from their ad. This system seemed to work great… that is until “click fraud” began. That is when companies would program click bots to click on their competitors ads to run up their advertising bills. “This practice became so rampant that fraudulent bot traffic may have cost the advertising industry as much as $11.6 billion in 2014.” So eventually advertisers had to come up with a new method that they called “viewable Impressions”. This made it so they are only charged when the user is on their ad for a minimum duration of time. This greatly helped to cut out click fraud and save the advertising industry millions in fraudulent charges.

Another problem that advertisers are facing is the free download called “Ad Block”. This handy dandy internet ad on reduces the amount of ads you see when viewing a web page if not completely gets rid of all ads. I for one absolutely love this ad on. I can watch youtube all damn day and never see one ad that interrupts my viewing experience every few minutes. To be honest who ever even clicks on the ads they see in youtube videos?? There are some sites that have gotten smart and do not allow the user to view their page unless ad block is either turned off or put on pause during their duration spent on their page. Also some ad agencies are embedding their ads in the videos so their is no way to skip the ad. I feel that eventually all web pages will convert their sites to prevent users from using any ad block software. But until they do I am going to keep using the hell out of it!