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By: Rachel Pittman

With millions of people on Instagram, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, you do not have to have a fancy camera or a professional photographer to become Instagram famous. Here are some tips on how to how to improve your Instagram.

Location: The more interesting the backdrop is, the better! The best way to find Insta-worthy backdrops in you area is to explore your city. Keep an eye out for interesting walls and backdrops that have unique details. Also, you can discover new locations by using the search feature in the Instagram app. According to Instagram, ” users can now peer in at just about any location on earth. It’s a real-time visual pulse on what is happening in the world.” Just type in the city or business you are looking for and all the photos tagged with that location will appear on your phone screen. For those of you that live in Denton, I have post on my blog that lists the best places to take photos in Denton, Texas.

Lighting: Lighting is key for taking a good photo. I believe the best lighting is natural light. The best times to take a photo are sunrise, sunset, or when it’s overcast/cloudy. I like to make sure when I am in the photo that the light is in front of me, that way you will not have weird shadows hitting your face.

Angles: Angles can add character to your shot. For photographing objects or flatlays, usually the best angle is to shoot the objects from above (birds-eye-view shot) and have a simple background. For #OOTDs, the most flattering angle is to shoot from below. Have someone kneel down and angle the camera up. This will make you appear taller. Try a variety of different angles ( below, above, straight on, etc.) to see which one works best for the type of photo you are trying to take.

Find your pose: The best way to do this is to try a variety of different poses until you find the one that feels the most comfortable to you. My go to poses is to cross one leg over the other, have one leg stick out more than the other, and to look like you are walking. The more natural the pose, the better.

Apps: There are numerous apps that you can use to edit your Instagram pictures. These are my favorite ones.

  • VSCO Cam: This app is what I use to add a filter to my pictures. They have a variety of filters to use and you can adjust how much of the filter you want in the photo.  My favorite filters are HB1, HB2, and A6. You can also adjust the brightness, saturation, and sharpness of the photo.
  • Facetune: I use this app to make the whites in my photos brighter and to bring out the details in my photo.
  • UNUM:  Before uploading a photo to Instagram, I use the app to see how it will look on my Instagram profile. When you open the app, it will have all of your Instagram photos that are on your profile on it. You are able to upload a new photo and see if the photo looks cohesive with your Instagram feed.