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By Tyler Plato

In today’s world, nearly everything is done on social media or online. Whether it be breaking news, scores of a football game or posting ads so people will buy your product. Photography is no different. I have been a photographer for a couple of years and have learned that you can NOT make it by just word of mouth. Yes, that is a good place to get started but that isn’t enough. You have to have a Facebook account, Instagram account, and a website so you can reach more people.

Instagram is a photo platform. If was built for just that. Its starting to transform into something more with the ability to post videos but it is mainly a photo site. Now there are certain times when you should post your work and each social media platform is different.

According to Casey Berner, on Facebook “the best times to post is between 1-4 p.m., spiking around 3 p.m.” Some of this is true because when I post my photos, I seem to have more engagement during that time frame. Now some people will say that it all depends on where you live and maybe that’s true but no matter where I am or where my buddies are that are photographers, this is the time frame where we see the most interaction. Now with Instagram there is not really a great time to post. You have to put photos up at different times of the day and figure out when the optimal time is.

Posting pictures has never been easier because of Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. We always want a photo of us to show how great we are. Now this affects photographers because say I photographed your son playing football and got a picture of him making a great catch. When you post that photo, your showing how great your son is and that may make the other players on the team think they aren’t as awesome as your son. “The worlds of Facebook and Instagram are hyperbolic, humble and not-so-humble brag fests of beautifully composed and filtered moments of adland perfection, a curated hyper reality that reality has a hard time keeping up with” (Florea, T.).

There are so many other photography social media sites such as Flickr and SmugMug that built solely for photographers and helping those photographers sell their work. But Instagram and Facebook help the photographer get his/her name out there and help them build a following. You also have to be careful what you post. Now most photographers will ask permission of the person they are taking photos of to make sure it is ok for them to post the photos but always make sure that it is something that you want to reflect on back on you. Always think, are these the photos that I want to represent me.



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