Let’s Not be Obnoxious on Twitter

            Twitter interaction is important to any business, especially for small businesses. The more conversations a small business can have with their consumers and future consumers over the different social media platforms, the better. I understand the need for wanting to thank them for their interest and their following but when it comes to automated messaging, I have mixed feelings.

Here’s the thing, if I follow an account on Twitter, I’m showing I’m interested. I am not looking for a corny DM or tweet thanking me for the follow. The initial thought behind those messages is showing that you but unless that tweet is accompanied by some legitimate coupon, it does the exact opposite. This account has grouped me in with the other three people that have followed them today and I think this is where small businesses are going wrong. Some PR Tips say that “Thanks for following” tweets lead to more unfollowers and creates consumer distrust.twitter-fail-whale

Not to get confused that these automated tweets are completely different than the scheduled ones. A small business usually doesn’t have time to have their fingers glued to their phone and scheduled tweets can actually be a lifesaver. Websites like Hootsuite and Buffer can help out with that issue.

The best way to engage and create these conversations with your consumers is staying on your toes. Never miss an opportunity to participate in a hashtag. It gives your followers a chance to respond to that tweet and spread the account to their followers. It’s way less robotic. Also respond when someone tweets about your company. Twitter makes it easy to search for a keyword and staying relevant to your business is great. Business News Daily lists out 10 mistakes that could lead to unfollowing and a blocked account. It’s easy to slip up and participate in some of these tactics for your business, but just remember the ultimate goal of having a Twitter account for your business.

Picture Credit: http://utterdigital.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/twitter-fail-whale.jpeg