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By Brianna Lopez

Every social media app has a place that shows how many followers you have. Most celebrities range into the millions, at the least you could say the minimum would be in the thousands. According to BBC, “It’s now the followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, rather than your experience necessarily, that can secure you a top job.”


credit: moremedialikes.com

BBC used Brooklyn Beckham’s most recent hire on as an example. Burberry has chosen him to be the photographer for the new fragrance ad campaign. Many have publicly complained about his lack of qualifications, but it was pointed out how he had numerous followers. With the number being quite extensive, it was a very smart move on Burberry’s behalf.It allows for their name to be published over thousands of timelines/insta feeds, worldwide.


credit: skyje.com

Another example would be the  The Workshop LA. According to la racked” Many of their job openings are posted on their Instagram, and the company is known for dropping career knowledge and inspiration using the #recruitingrevolution hashtag.”

This agency really understands the combining of modern media and potential future employees. Being that over half of the society spends a good amount of time on social media, they are bound to run across more job opportunity. Being that instagram is a leading app, the convenience for job opportunities has risen, thanks to agencies such as this.

Having the right amount of followers could land you a deal with Dior, but also it could lead you to agencies who specialize in online media hiring. The convience lele and understanding for most is at an all time high. Social media, for the most part, is enjoyable. So why not combine that with a way to find a potential career?



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