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JOUR 4270 Section 002 – Ashlyn LeVesque – 9/25/16 – Group A: Blog Two


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How much does anyone truly love people who drive aggressively in their car and cut people off in traffic? Sure, we all know their time is more valuable. Where they are going is more important than the other drivers on the road. No time to waste—might as well cut of this ‘87 Corolla. At least this is the aggressive driver’s assumed feeling while in the safety and security of their own vehicle.

In my opinion, this heinous act is equivalent to people who hide behind a computer screen and anonymously spew venom at people they have never met and probably never will come in visual contact with. As Professor Apaliski stated, “…hiding behind a screen has given people the capability of desensitizing the emotions of others (Apaliski, 2016).” There is no good excuse for this. We are all human, and when it comes down to it we are more alike than we are different.

The truth of this is so disappointing and deflating to me. Do people of my generation have no sense of empathy? Are there really people in our society who waste their time viewing others as subordinate and putting them down by any means? Do some of us really view all others as inferior? I’m afraid social media has brought the consequence of self-centered, self-serving egotism in some individuals. It’s a “me first” minded society. It’s harmful, unhealthy and destructive. It’s unacceptable.

Something has to change before the Internet continues to cause anonymous users to degrade others based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or otherwise. People should not have the right or the ability to anonymously harass individuals online that they do not even know. Nine times out of ten, I’m sure these cyber bullies would not act this way in person. At least I would hope so. When you are face to face with someone it is hard to lack humanity and empathy. The Internet eliminates this ability.

An important thing to remember when being cyber bullied by someone such as an anonymous Twitter troll is that what they say shows more about them than it does you. As cheesy as that sounds, we should not lose faith in humanity due of the inhumanity of a few. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”



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