By: Tiana Torres-Mendoza

It seems likes everywhere I turn I see more political news. This isn’t uncommon as the next Presidential Election is coming up in November. However, it seems like I’m not only seeing news, I’m seeing jokes and memes about both presidential candidates. While I fully understand both parties need to make fun of the other Presidential Candidate to look like their candidate has it together, I feel like we’ve gotten a little out of hand. People used to talk about the issues and share news on political platforms much more and the jokes were more of a rare comic, but now its grown to become an issue. I feel like I see more jokes and fewer articles on the issues presented by both candidates.

The internet and social media make it incredibly easy to share your political views, find like minded followers, and share news or hilarious photos much more quickly than before.


That means people are focusing on sending links to the articles about how Donald Trump’s original name was Donald Drumpf and Hillary Clinton’s husband had a scandal related to his Presidency.


I find that neither of these are going to help me choose who to vote for in November. My question now is why are these journalists more concerned with a last name or a previous president when we are talking about who to actually elect? It’s also a question as to why today’s youth is more concerned with sharing these articles than they are with actually sharing each parties platform on a specific issue since the candidate that we vote into office is the one who will be running the country while we are graduation and trying to get a decent job in the economy that they will have a large influence over. Shouldn’t today’s ‘voting age’ youth be more concerned with both candidates views on international affairs, the economy, and tax reforms? This is the world that we are going to make our start in, so we should care more about the issues, not about the jokes.