In the next two weekends, Austin City Limits will hold their 14th consecutive musical festival in Zilker Park. Founded in 2012, the bands range from rock, indie, folk, rap and electronic, the music festival accommodates to over 450,000 people each year. With over 100 bands in the lineup this year, the festival has many new updates to serve all of your festival needs.

The most useful update ACL has created would be the Mobile App for Androids and iPhones. The new application allows you to schedule the order of your preferences of bands and share with your friends, to make meeting up and communicating who you wish to see much easier than fighting for service in the venue. For someone who attended the concert, I can tell you firsthand that texting, calling, tweeting, using Snapchat, or using your phone in general was a bit of a hassle. While trying to keep my social media was something I wish I could have done the entire time, I was more concerned about accidentally losing my group and not being able to contact them due to lack of service. Luckily, I was able to fight through the crowds with recording phones held high in the air, but using the app and sharing my schedule early on may have been beneficial. The next update they provided was discovering bands one may have not been familiar with at the concert. It may have been more useful before attending the concert, but being able to see each artist and a few of their songs could have definitely improved one’s concert experience. Most importantly, the update you probably would have used the most would be the map. Navigating the 350 acre park is no easy task, and many times I found myself briskly digging through my backpack in search of the paper map I picked up at the information to get to the next band on time. Having the map in the palm of your hands could save plenty of time to ensure getting up close at the next stage. Lastly, you have the choice of enabling push notifications to make certain that you didn’t miss a thing.

For an avid concert goer, I think providing these sorts of things, such as an App or placing information desks and people to help navigate people to, in and out of the park, allows for a much smoother and, in general, a better experience. Concerts can be hectic, stressful and overwhelming so finding tips, such as these the ACL website provided, truly can make all of the difference.