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What’s the first thing you do before buying a makeup product? If you are anything like me you take out your phone and look the product up, nine times out of ten the first thing that pops up is some kind of social media review usually, it is youtube and hundreds upon hundreds of reviews come up from different “beauty gurus” and “makeup artist”. Social media has completely changed the beauty industry.
Before social media was as popular as it is today the beauty industry was popular and growing but I wouldn’t say there was a makeup culture like there is now. Youtubers are now celebrities and influencers because of social media, they have meet ups and fans. Brands use Youtubers and Instagrammers as marketing tools, they send them hoards of products for free so they can review and use them, women and men then go out and buy these products that their favorite YouTubers are using, I personally have fallen into this trap and have so many products I would have never thought of had I not been on youtube and Instagram following my personal favorite people. Brands like Colourpop and Melt, who started with a line of lip colors , as well as other makeup companies that are based entirely on the internet are now thriving because of Instagram, they are able to market and do anything a more traditional brand would do and for significantly cheaper because of social media. dkl

source: https://goo.gl/images/k1ZcFw
Social media celebs are also able to start trends now, more and more women go for the “Instagram” makeup look now with contoured faces, “matte lips and bold brows might be the biggest trends of the moment”, brands then see these trends and cater to them by releasing products almost immediate, you can go to any drugstore or beauty supply and find ample products for achieving this look, companies almost have to race each other now to create products the fastest as trends grow and change.
It will be interesting to see if the social media makeup world will keep going at the pace that it is now, or if it will burn out anytime soon.