I think it’s pretty clear that the presidential election has taken a turn straight for social media. Clearly both candidates have a twitter account that people can follow regardless of if they support the candidate or not. However this has also made it easier for the people to get in touch with the presidential candidates and ask them questions. At the ‘Second Presidential Debate’ on October 9th, the moderators asked both candidates questions from the ‘online audience’ who had posted questions on Facebook. The questions selected from Facebook to be asked during the debate were voted on my other Facebook users and the moderators read off the top voted questions.

This has TREMENDOUSLY changed the election. While the second election had the usual undecided voters on stage who were able to ask questions, instead of all of the questions coming from them in person, half came from an online source and not a source that was mediated by the election, no it came directly from FACEBOOK!!! People were able to ask direct questions without ever leaving their couch!


(https://goo.gl/images/PGlvcd) (The Wrap.com)

During the debate, one of the main topics was the #trumptapes that were released earlier this week and were spread around like wildfire over Facebook and twitter. People blew up on twitter talking about how ‘lewd‘ his comments were and I personally saw my own friends having fights with their Facebook friends over the topic itself. Then the moderator even mentioned during the debate that these videos on Facebook as well as on twitter as #TrumpTapes had generated millions of views and was the most talked about thing on social media for two days. People even tweeted in an commented on Facebook question groups that they wanted Donald Trump to answer to the tapes. The fact that those could get around so quickly and influence so many people could have either cost Donald Trump the election or at least taken away a good chunk of his followers. Even the fact that people asked about that on the presidential election Facebook site is amazing seeing as they had only come out on Friday.

I can see clearly that this election will be determined by both candidates on how they regard the social media side of their campaign.