In the political environment we find ourselves in today, it seems as though the morality of the candidate who takes the oval office is a much more pressing issue than before, in light the recent controversy with Donald Trump’s statement that was caught on video. Many endorsees of Trump, particularly those who are “evangelicals,” have had to answer for their beliefs that Trump is the right candidate. So, with that being said, I am led to evaluate whether or not this disqualifies Trump as a viable candidate.

According to a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute, 69 percent of white evangelical protestants while 19 percent favored Clinton. Another poll indicated that 52 percent of evangelicals of any race favored Trump, while 40 percent favored Clinton (

Although this video surfacing has created a lot of negative attention for Donald Trump, how viable is this, given that the incident happened over eleven years ago? Many evangelicals believe that even though this is a terrible look for Trump and his campaign, people are willing to practice forgiveness over his questionable moral actions, due to their recognition that they themselves aren’t perfect, and if a “hot mic” was around them 24/7, some questionable things may also surface. It is a difficult conclusion to have to come to, because ideally, voters don’t want to have to answer for these kind of issues, but in the bigger picture, some evangelicals believe that there are greater issues at hand that have to be addressed, such as the supreme court. (