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Social Media has completely changed the world and how businesses work. One of the main things social media has done for business has been increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. Social media allows for businesses to interact and follow their customers. This allows businesses to follow up with their customers and game plan accordingly. Social media is also a way for businesses to get their name out there in a crowed market. Connecting with customers online lets the customer know that the business cares and keeps the customer coming back.

Social media has also greatly helped people to network and get their word out. Before social media, it was almost impossible to keep up with connections one has made throughout their life. Social media allows for them to still keep up with their connections and see what is going on in their life and even communicate with them when necessary. Many people have became famous or made careers out of their social media persona. They have become internet famous, through videos, and through posts. Some people become famous for a week or so but other become famous indefinitely. They can use their new found platform for good and be voices for those who cannot use their own.

One of the worst issues of social media is backlash. Now that everyone can follow you if they want, you have to be more careful with what you do and say. This is especially important for people who have a lot of followers or people that look up to them. When people are popular enough they tend to high a PR person in order to keep their image clean and to help avoid making stupid mistakes. One stupid or offensive post may cost someone everything they have taken so long to build up. social-media-pic


10 Benefits of Social Media for Business