As I sit here and watch the second Presidential Debate, I think of how different this election has to be in comparison with every other one before it. Because this is the first election I have been old enough to vote in, this is the only election that I have paid attention to. I realized that it was different when candidate Hilary Clinton was describing her opponent, Donald Trump’s tweets. There are some people who are living in this world and think that social media isn’t a big deal and it’s just for young teenie boppers and a waste of time. Do they realize that a series of tweets now can make or break a presidential election? They could be the deciding factor of who becomes a major world leader.

The main tweet that was in discussion tonight was Trump’s reference to a sex tape. In a series of tweets between the hours of 3 and 5 a.m., the Republican candidate slut shamed former Miss Universe. He then said during the debate that he didn’t say to check out the sex tape but…. the proof is literally in the tweet.


How can you even lie like that? Anyways, this isn’t about that. This is about how we are watching our candidates on every single platform. They’re always on and they can’t just opt out. Not using Twitter isn’t an option.

Co-founder of SocialFlow Frank Speiser says that this is truly the first social media election. The ultimate loop is happening. Candidates tweet, there’s a quick article about the tweet and readers tweet their reaction. Tweets are instant feedback and honestly it’s the fastest place to see news. We have to take these tweets serious because of the part they are playing in the election. But is the fact that we have to tweet watch every second of every hour making this older generation election feel like a joke?

Well sucks for them because adding this heavy level of social media is actually getting more young people to vote and we’re going to be on this earth longer anyways.