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The past weekend I was able to attend a marketing conference in New Mexico for my job, Insurance Connection USA, that focused on exactly what most small businesses do wrong when it comes to marketing and what they should be doing do increase their book of business. Being very new to the marketing world I was both nervous, interested, and truthfully, I was expecting to hear what I have continuously read, heard, or seen other independent agencies do. I almost feel like I have seen it all, numerous times. The most important factor being: sell, sell, sell. Yet, after the conference I left with a better understanding of what I, and thousands of other businesses, are constantly doing wrong.

Funny enough, I learned to do the opposite of what every article and business-minded person say, which is to solely focus on selling your product. In fact, it put selling on the back burner, ensuring that it was last thing to worry about. It emphasized the  importance of relationships. Whether it was client or business based, if you want to succeed it’s about making the story of your business better than the next guy’s. Not some elevator speech that says how long your agency has been open, what lines you sell, or stating that you have excellent, unparalleled customer service. Guess what? Everyone has excellent customer service! Find what is unique about why you started doing what you do and make it your own. It was about hitting them with multiple ways of marketing strategies such as email campaigns, but not selling a single thing. Newsflash, no one cares about the how-to change a tire article on your insurance Facebook page! Write about your employees, how the Cowboys are doing strangely well, or what events are local in Denton this weekend. Post and email about stuff people will care about, not something where they read the first word and can’t scroll down fast enough. It was about going out into your community with your employees to serve others; whether volunteering at the local market or walking a 5k. It was about making the image of your company so good, that they wouldn’t even consider going to another, similar business. Personalizing your brand is so important, especially when there are thousands of other businesses just like yours.

So I’m asking you, what are you doing that makes your brand special? And if not, what could you be doing?  Because it is very easy for clients to pick up and leave if there isn’t anything significant holding them back. Create those long-lasting relationships with your clients by going the extra mile, make them see how passionate you are about your business, show them that you’re a human being, and then, the sales will shortly follow after that.