When considering what social media platform is right for your business it is important that you keep in mind your target audience and business goals. It is also vital that you know that just because a platform exists, that does not mean that you should use it. A lot of companies create accounts that are irrelevant and honestly a waste of time for them. In this article it gives a breakdown of what each popular platform is good for.

Facebook is mainly used for consumer engagement and interaction. You can get great feedback from your audience here. Twitter is more of a quick interaction process that answers questions or concerns. It is also a great way to find out information about your consumers and relevant topics to your business. Instagram is primarily focused on the visual aspect of a brand. This is where you showcase your products and the lifestyle that you have to offer. Utilizing hashtags is key here to gain an audience. There are many other social media platforms that could be useful for your business, and each has its own unique offerings.

It is also important to have a plan that can be implemented with each platform. Gathering a social media following takes time and persistence. It can be very helpful for your brand, but it can also be very frustrating when you are figuring out what works best. An article by a business owner gives some helpful tips when choosing a platform. She says that being an expert at one or two channels is better than being mediocre at five or six. It is beneficial to try out a few and see what helps you and what hurts you. After you figure out what works, run with it! Dedication to a social media strategy is guaranteed to build your business in this digital age.