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loreddigital.com Local business and Social Media

By: Janay Williams

Social Media can either make or break a business depending on how the business decides to utilize it. Potential opportunities for growth can be found in many local businesses. Local business often times are family owned and usually uses little to no social media accounts. However, that is changing as the progression of social media has continued to increase. Smaller business have close to no choice but to now use social media in order to compete with larger companies. Social media does have pros and cons not only for local business but companies in general. It exposes a business and allows feedback about that business to be publicly exposed. This information could range from positive to feedback to brutal and damaging negative feedback. This could explain why some companies have taken so long to join social media or have just a few social media accounts. According to the article “ The Impact of Social Media on Local Business”, social media has created a platform for advertising and promoting ones company to a vast amount of people. It is important for businesses to understand their audience and only use a limited amount of outlets, preferably the most popular and the most used. Brands are now adapting to the usage of social media. This draws more people to the brand and continues to help newer viewers to be engaged with the company. This usage of social media allows companies to become potentially listed and often recommended when people search similar places. Now local businesses have the same opportunity to promote themselves just as efficiently as larger companies because of social media. By companies keeping their social media pages updated and connecting with customers it allows a more glued bond between both consumer and provider. Social media can create loyal followers and buyers for developing companies or companies wanting to rebrand their business.

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