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By Kristen Harlow, @KrisEveHarlow

I think most people- when it comes to store logos and designs -like clean, simple, and straightforward. There aren’t many over-the-top logos that are easily used and recognized by a large number of people. Therefore, following that concept, we trace the success of Target’s famous logo…a target.

Target brand logo from https://corporate.target.com/article/2014/04/bullseye-love-history-of-target-logo


It’s simple, visually appealing, and visually representative of the store’s name; obviously. An article in AdWeek (here) discusses the success the company has had and the relation the iconic logo has in that success.

While target is one of the most recognizable logos of today, there are certainly many more. Anyone remember the Logo Quiz game we used to have on our phones? The most memorable logos and icons are the ones that are the most simple. The top 50 can be found here. Not that it’s a huge spoiler, but Nike- the “advertising god”, as I’ve heard them called -is ranked number one in that article.

Design is an important part of a logo and includes color scheme, font style, size relativity, and other components. Perhaps the most important factor to consider when making a logo is the relevancy it has to the name of the company. I’ve heard it said many times that the best way to sell your company is to have the service provided put in the name. In a very rough and mediocre example: Pete’s Pets. Obviously you know that it’s a pet shop. So by the transitive property (that one is for all you math nerds) a logo that shows the service a store provides or shows the name of the store (e.g. Target), could be an excellent logo. Don’t ask me to make a logo for Pete’s Pets though- my version of a man walking a dog is just as good as the next guy’s. Maybe.


Clip art from http://www.clipartkid.com/clip-art-man-walking-dogs-cliparts/


If one day I’m fortunate enough to own and operate my own advertising firm, we’re going to aim to create extraordinarily recognizable logos for our clients. Logos that are better than that ClipArt of a stick figure walking an eggplant looking dog. And we will be successful.

Mark my words.