By Jacoby Neal

  • Mesquite

Some like police officers others don’t for most African Americans police officers are a big threat in the United States. I feel like this is a 50/50 situation. Not all cops are bad cops but to most people they fear for their lives once a cop pulls them over. I happen to be best friends with a Mesquite Police Officer people in the city of Mesquite Some say he’s a OK officer others don’t like him. I view Good cops and bad cops differently than most African Americans do. I have friends that call me “12” because i’m very cool with a Officer not all cops want to just pull people over in give them a ticket or take you to jail.

  • Community

What needs to happen to make people not feel terrified  once they see police officers. The question is well people be willing to have a conversation with the cops or not. What will it take for people in the community to not be scared of cops. Why does cops get called mean names just because one officer is a bad cop.

  • Come together

Officers should come together with each other and find out ideas and ways to do something for the community not just talk to the little kids.