Everyone is aware of the struggles of grocery shopping. Whether it’s the never-ending line to get to the register, or the daring challenge of trying to carry all the bags out of the store without a shopping cart. Let’s be honest, Game Days, oh yeah a pre plan is a must.

Now you can order groceries online. Social Media has included you to order you food online and have it delivered to your door step. Two ways I am aware of and have used.



The first is with Amazon. Amazon has now created an opportunity for its customers to stay in their pajamas and order each item without having to walk down the freezing cold isles.

Northjersey.com wrote an article that explained the beginning of Amazon groceries. They started experimenting in 2007, locally in the Seattle area. According to Northjersey.com June was the first month Amazon had expanded out to London with its new door step delivery of groceries. It goes into detail to explain the details of delivering fresh food, especially since it can spoil. It is officially known as AmazonFresh.

The second is Favor. You can download the app, and have people run to pickup anything you need. Such as groceries, food anything you need. When working at Taco Diner in West Village. So many Favor workers would come in and pick up to-go orders for their clients. Say that


you’re feeling sick and need medicine, well you can use Favor. Someone will go to CVS and pickup the medicines you need. Paste Magazine tells of how the app has been around since 2013. Also that it’s based in Austin, Texas. A lot of users enjoy the convenience that the app protrudes.


With social media developing in many ways, its exciting to see the new opportunities presented. The future is filled with many things to be discovered. So let’s see what new opportunity comes up next.

Brianna Lopez