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By: Tiana Torres-Mendoza

Just when I thought the campaign couldn’t be more effected by social media, I have been proved wrong!

I had only thought that social media such as both candidates twitter accounts would help to attack the other or answer questions to undecided voters leading into the election. However I have been painfully reminded that not only can a single person attack you on your front, but also so can outside sources with very incriminating information!

Both candidates had more information come up about them personally in this election than they had anticipated getting out.


Donald Trump had his Lewd tapes released by someone who was not at all in charge of any campaign setting for either party. Hillary Clinton had her 33,000 emails leaked on WikiLeaks by an anonymous source.

I would have assumed that only the political party candidates or their campaign managers would have released access to that information.

Outsider information has come in incredibly handy in this election. People are able to release any tapes they have of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This has helped every voter get to see both sides of the two candidates. Trump supporters will have to hear or see posts about his tapes or his upcoming sexual harassment suit. Hillary supporters will have to hear about her WikiLeaks emails and the tapes of her planted hate starters in Trump Rallies.

All of this is on tape for the entire world to see and has been forwarded around on twitter and facebook faster than that white/blue dress issue. This is different because people are not just hearing about these problems and accusations, they are able to watch and witness how both candidates are behaving and responding or even how they are acting in the videos. This has a detrimental impact on the election because the people can actually see what these candidates are like as a human being as well as how they handle these types of scandals.

Once again, social media has drastically changed the election. I love it.