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Social media is huge! And it is only getting bigger! People spend countless hours a day checking up on their social media profiles in their own little social media world. In this day and age it is practically required for everyone to have some sort of social media account in order to have a job or to seem somewhat normal. Businesses are constantly looking at social media accounts, especially when they are looking to hire someone. They make sure to go through all their social media accounts and be sure that the person is exactly who they want. If they were to skim over certain statuses or pictures that they didn’t approve of then that may cause that person to not get the job. I feel like that is unfair to judge someone based off their social media history. As long as they act professional when they are one the clock then it shouldn’t matter how they choose to live their life when they are off the clock. But businesses are allowed to be picky because their are so many applicants applying for all sorts of jobs so the companies like to take their time and be sure they are getting the best of the best. This day and age it looks bad when someone doesn’t have a social media account or if they have them all set to private. That makes the companies think they are trying to hide something from them. Its a situation where you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So the easiest thing one can do to avoid this is just be careful  who you follow and don’t post anything that you would not want your job or your future job to see and then everything will be all good in the hood.