On October 21, 2016 the Dyn servers were attacked by hackers shutting down some of the Internets most important platforms. Sites like Twitter, Spotify, Reddit and TicketFly were unavailable for hours on Friday morning. This started with a large group of hackers unleashing denial of service attack. An attack of denial of service is “where the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users“. This cyber attack shut down a majority of internet platforms leaving people wondering when and how the situation will be solved.

What kinds of effects did this have on users? In Deep Ellum, Third String’s So What?! Music festival suffered hits on last minute ticket sales when the ticket selling site crashed. Myself and other Third String employees started to worry that our festival would be losing out on valuable last minute customers when the site crashed. Our social media strategy to address the TicketFly crash became much more difficult when we couldn’t reach much of our target audience through Twitter. We were expecting a lot of our sales to come from day of ticket purchases. Third String addressed the issue through all working social media platforms to inform fans that tickets could be purchased at the door before the show.

Although this popular server took a tumble Friday morning, Third String managed to have above average day of ticket sales but it got us thinking; how do we address a broad audience when the social platforms we have become accustomed to are unavailable? We spend so much time communicating with friends and fans over social media each day we forget how to spread a message without them. With Third String’s target audience checking twitter more often than email, how can we send out last minute announcements? How do we address critical issues and gain traction as a brand with significantly less platforms? When considering social media strategies for a future festival, our team should plan to address issues like this ahead of time and create social media backup plans.