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By: Kathryn Washington

Recently YouTube rolled out a new feature that will help ‘Youtubers’ engage with their followers. The new feature is called End Screens. End Screens uses thumbnail pictures to promote other videos on their channel within the last 5 to 20 seconds of the video. Along with videos, you can promote your channel and collaborations with other channels as well.

Source: YouTube Creator Blog


Currently Youtubers use annotations to promote channels and videos on their channel. Annotations are clickable links that Youtubers can put on their videos to promote videos, subscriptions, and more. Now it is easier to create a mobile friendly visual to leave viewers engaged. YouTube focused mainly on making End Screens mobile-friendly to make it easier to view on desktop and mobile devices.


Before releasing End Screens, YouTube tested the new feature before approval. This feature is available for all Youtubers to use and create End Screens. Personally, I think End Screens is great for Youtubers. End Screens will add a touch of professionalism to many videos. I’m excited to see the different creative ways Youtubers will use End Screens. The new feature launched this week, and has become a hot topic.


I’m excited to see how this feature will change in the future. Maybe YouTube will allow creators to use videos in the End Screen feature instead of just images. I think many YouTube creators will enjoy End Screens because it has shown to reach more viewers for videos. If I was a Youtuber that would be my number one benefit. Videos are made to reach viewers and provided creative content. End Screens is perfect to benefit creators.


YouTube is very thoughtful for allowing all creators use this feature instead of limiting it to certain creators. The company does a great job in making their platform easy to use and enjoyable for both creators and viewers.

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