Everyone knows that technology is what helps the world turn. Technology has brought us the personal computer, 4K TV, XBOX ONE, cell phones; well the list goes on and on. I’d like to focus on one of those things, the cell phone. It is the number one device people use for interacting on social media. It is also catching the attention of many marketers as their main source of consumer trials and expansion. If you walk down the street or people watch in the park; no doubt, many people have their eyes glued to their phones. But what about when that technology turns on you? And catches fire in your hand or your pocket, or maybe while you sleep?

Ok, I’m just getting a little bit into the Halloween spirit, but what I am really referencing to is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery catching fire. Samsung, many have said, did not manage this crisis very well. According to a New York Times post, Samsung halted their production of Galaxy Note 7’s but not before claiming that people could get an exchange for their current Note. As well as, not appropriately telling its customers that the phone is actually dangerous.

How did they not come across this in any Beta testing? Anyway, the fact of the matter is that Samsung didn’t quite handle their crisis management very well. And they will potentially not only lose millions of dollars but also customers, right? Well, according to the Harvard Business Review, maybe not. Particularly for three distinct reasons:

  1. A large, loyal base of existing customers insulates the brand.
  2. Geographically identified brands bounce back quickly.
  3. The Note 7 crisis is limited to a single Samsung product and is self-contained.

So I guess, Samsung has some recovering to do that may set them back a bit, but for die hard Samsung people; looks like they won’t be accepting any substitutes.


Photo credit: buzzhourly .com


By: Eddie Pulido