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Remember in 2014 when the “#icebucketchallenge” happened and everyone was pouring ice cold buckets of water on their heads on purpose to raise money for the ALS Association, in 2014 with this hashtags they sucessful “raised $115 million dollars”? The use of hashtags within social media platforms has been a game changer for non-profits, recently the usage of hashtags for nonprofits has become very popular and can be very successful.  

These days people are sadly far less focused on helping people and doing charity work, and more focused on what the latest celebs are doing, how to contour your face using a spoon, and of course cat videos, in all of this internet commotion it’s hard to spark a dialogue about giving and helping others. However something people are always looking out whether they are on facebook or twitter are what the trending hashtags, I know personally whenever I see an interesting trending topic I immediately click on it.  The beauty of hashtags and why I think they work so well for nonprofits is that when people see their families and friends being a part of something they automatically want to be apart of it as well it’s human nature, with the ALS challenge people were doing something super silly, and it brought people together, friends of friends of friends began to challenge each other even though they may not have even known each other.icebuck

Hashtags for non profits are even more successful when celebrities are involved for example the “#nomakeupselfies” first generated by Ellen Degeneres it went viral and “led in a circuitous route to Cancer Research UK being smart enough to pick up on the trending #nomakeupselfiehashtag. The charity posted messages on social media asking people to help “beat cancer sooner” and asked for donations via text message, or directly through its website.”, and led to them raising up to $13 million dollars by the end of the week.

The problem though with these hashtags I have found is that some people who use them or participate are not being genuine, and are doing it for likes and retweets but other than that I think it is a great way to raise money for charities and bring people together.